Hotel Pošta - Děčín 




Slavic settlement on the site was at the end on the 10th century castle with princely custom, here on the spot with a confluence of Ploučnice Labem is already held major markets. Early 12th century is the first documented settlement with the church. Shortly thereafter, the castle was rebuilt and the north slope created a new settlement, which was the year 1283 and became a city fortified. Děčín held progressively Vartemberkové, Salhausenové, gentlemen of Býnu and Thunové.

The medieval city was roughly quadrangular shape around a large square and lay on the terrace northeast of Castle Hill, not directly on the banks of the Elbe. Since the Middle Ages, but was created outside the walls of so-called suburbs. Great Děčín boom experienced during the last and this century, after 2 World War II there was a merger Podmokly and other municipalities with Děčín. So now it seems that Děčín the two centers.

Děčín City, located in northern Bohemia, adding overall about 56 000 inhabitants and lies at an altitude of 136 m.